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Join Sonya Paz and Marek Kasprzyk, your host of “Investigated” as we will delve into some of the most interesting, investigative true crime cases.
 Sonya is an accomplished artist turn investigative researcher, whose childhood friend was murdered curious to what had really happened in spending years investigating to bring closures to these victims.
Marek is licensed private investigator in California with his expertise in criminal defense investigation with over 40 years under his belt, sharing some of the most riveting cases in the nation.

Between the two of them, they will share perspective these case files, and bring you along for a wild ride.
The first series of this podcast will tell you the story and timeline of the relentless pursuit of justice that ultimately led to the apprehension of James Arthur Pearson, a man who killed his family.

With real interviews from detectives that led the case to the witnesses who helped authorities put this perpetrator behind bars follow investigated pod now for a front row seat to learn the twist and turns of this story and more airing on February 15th.

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