The TikTok video that started it all

TikTok Video that started it all. Pearson family murders. Part 1

In November 2023, I decided to start researching the Pearson Family Murder story again after many years of picking up and putting it down, I got the idea to create a short 8 minute video on TikTok based on a trending stitch. The trend was “crazy stories” so I documented what I had remembered from when I was a small child.

The video gained some traction and I received over 18,000 views in short amount of time. There were a lot of questions from people wanting a part 2 of the story and requests for more information on the story. I quickly realized that this story needed to be told. Told by me, someone who lived through having their childhood friend, her sister and their mother killed by the father, James Arthur Pearson.

Please view this first video. After diving in deep into the investigation of what happened in detail, there are a few inconsistencies from my memories that are referred to in the short video. However, all in all, my memories were not off by much, just some key players and places that have since been clarified via the podcast.

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