The TikTok Video Part 3

TikTok Video update Pearson family murders Part 3

This is part three with an overdue update on TikTok on the many questions we had based on my first announcement of this story from December 21, 2023.

This part of the update is a shout out to the “Heros” of the story, i.e., the law enforcement, witnesses, the termite inspector, the FBI and observant people in the post office who saw his WANTED poster. These are the people who helped bring this killer to become apprehended

In this update I also tell about how I obtained the FBI Wanted poster. This poster has been the driving force for me to continue to tell this story of my friends as they never got a chance to live their lives.

They were robbed of this becasue of James Arthur Pearson’s inability to gain control over his emotions.
Sadly, his rage was irreversible and the damage was done for the Pearson’s as well as the families he traumatized in Utah and Mississippi.

The original video is continuing to gain popularity, so I felt the need to film this part three on April 7, 2023. This is posted on TikTok and then sharing it to Instagram . I have created a new TikTok account for the podcast: @INVESTIGATED so please follow us there as well.

It’s also important to me that I tell this story on behalf of the victims, my friends, Marianne, Paula and Pauline Pearson. Including the trail of chaos that Pearson left for several other victims in his flight of nearly 10 long years.

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