The TikTok video Part 2 – 37K+ Views

TikTok Video that started it all. Pearson family murders. Part 2

UPDATE: This is part two with my reaction on how my trending video got over 37K+ views of my TikTok regarding the Pearson family murders surprised me. I decided to make a follow up real about 3 weeks after I had posted part 1 addressing many questions that people had and following up with the interest of my video and story.

Some of the questions were how did the father he manage to get away so quickly and how he was able to leave his home. Another question was why was it? Why did it take them so long to discover the bodies under the home? Be sure to watch this video for those answers.

In this episode, I learned that my brother had an interesting story about an encounter with Pearson during September of 1969.

The original video is continuing to gain popularity, so I felt the need to film a part two that’s posted on TikTok and then sharing it to Instagram . I will be posting a part three announcing this new podcast.
We are diving deep into the podcast to deliver accurate and interesting information about this case because if you think the murder is the only thing that happened, then you’re in for a big shock!

These two videos are what prompted me to get the podcast started, I felt that it was more than just one episode on another podcast and with consulting with my niece Alison and she told me that I need to do this podcast on my own to “tell MY story”. That’s when I made the decision to start this new podcast, appropriately titled “Investigated”.

I contacted my private investigator friend Marek Kasprzyk of over 30 years to be my co-host as we had enough data to start recording and getting the story-lines in place. Our podcast trailer aired on February 7, 2024, then our welcome message on February 12, 2024, with our first episode airing on February 15, 2024.

Be sure to follow us and hear the story in great detail… I promise you that the activities of James Arthur Pearson involve twists and turns that you won’t expect and just when you think it get s crazy… it get more crazy.

It’s also important to me that I tell this story on behalf of the victims, my friends, Marianne, Paula and Pauline Pearson. Including the trail of chaos that Pearson left for several other victims in his flight of nearly 10 long years.

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