S1 E9: Broken Golf Clubs & Broken Dreams

Investigated Podcast - EP9 Broken Golfclubs & Broken Dreams

Sonya had met and interviewed Retired Santa Clara Police Captain Wayne Britt who was on the front end of the case as it unfolded in March of 1969. Wayne along with Don Sessions, Harry Burns who worked tirelessly to investigate the case and start canvassing the area for clues. He was also present during the autopsy of the three Pearson women.

We are grateful to have met Wayne who recollected so much detail the front end of this case and what they needed to do to be able to gather what they could to start piecing together the story of Pearson’s whereabouts.

Marek goes over the autopsy in detail so we can learn about the technicalities of the injuries and how autopsies back in the 1970’s are different from how they are documented today.

‚ÄúThere were broken golf clubs in the trash, we definitely know these were our victims, and Pearson was our suspect, so as a result of that, we did get a criminal warrant for Pearson’s arrest for the homicide”.

Excerpt from interview with Retired, Santa Clara Police Captain, Wayne Britt

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Autopsy : Santa Clara County Coroners Department
Exclusive recorded interview: with Retired, Santa Clara Police Captain, Wayne Britt and Sonya Paz.

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