S1 E8: James, Albert & George – The Families and the Aftermath

Investigated Podcast - EP8 James, Albert & George - The Families and the Aftermath

This episode travels into the timeline where Pearson spent time in Cedar City, Utah from the early 70s and then makes his way to Biloxi Mississippi after abducting his 11 month old son.  We speak to family members that we’re on the front lines of all of Pearson’s lies and deceit and learn more about who he was acting  a “family man” and how he was living his life while still on the run as he was wanted for murder.

Sonya was interviewed by another podcast this week “As I Live and Grieve” that focuses on grief and how to deal with loss. This topic works well into this episode, because there is a lot of grieving and families that have been coming to terms with the details of this story.

“Theresa and Jacqueline’s trauma came from George Watson, Arlene and her children’s trauma came from Arthur D . Fore and of course, Pauline, Paula and Maryanne,  were killed at the hands of their father and the trauma that came to their families  at the hand of James Arthur Pearson. 

Unfortunately David’s trauma and grief has been a result from all three.”

Newspaper Article: Murder, Abandonment, Now Kidnapping. Written by staff writer Edith Dierhorst Back, The Sun Herald – August 10, 1978
Newspaper Article: FBI May Join Search For Missing Child. Written by staff writer Edith Dierhorst Back, The Sun Herald – September 10, 1978
Exclusive reported interview with Ruesch family members Vickie and Donal and Sonya Paz.
Exclusive reported interview with the Biloxi family member Theresa and Sonya Paz.

I was also a guest speaker on Kathy Gleason’s podcast “As I Live & Grieve” this week on April 2, 2024. Kathy is a lovely lady who hosts this podcast to help others with sharing stories of grief.  This topic is a compliment to today’s Investigated episode 8, becasue how many of us are all dealing with the grief of the Pearson women.

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