S1 E7: Little Bones

Investigated Podcast - Little Bones EP7

We discuss our interviews from Episode 7 with former district attorney, George Kennedy, and retired Detective Sergeant Monty Macer and we will go over some of those highlights.

We also have the honor give shout outs to the heroes in this story from the investigation that spanned almost 10 years to the prosecution. We also answer listener questions regarding golf, country clubs, and Sonya will share information on a layout of the home in Santa Clara with a diagram.

BONUS INTERVIEWS: Listen to the recorded interviews with Sonya Paz and the man who found the Pearson ladies under the house, former termite inspector Jerry. Sand. We also have an interview with Ryan, who will give us a lowdown on how termite inspectors work, what they find in their inspections and more science and facts behind this type of profession.

“There was a  big stack of black plastic underneath toward the front of the house near the fireplace…  it was quite an experience back then.” said termite inspector Jerry Sand upon discovering the bodies under the house in Santa Clara.


Pearson court case files information recap.
Exclusive Audio interview with former termite inspector Jerry Sand and Sonya Paz.
Exclusive Audio Interview with termite inspector Ryan and Sonya Paz

Home Layout

View the approximate layout of the home on Claremont Avenue, click on image for full view.

Investigated Podcast - Claremont Avenue Home Layout ©Investigated Podcast

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