S1 E6: No Remorse

Investigated Podcast - No Remorse EP6

In episode 6 we are exploring what did Pearson say at the trial… We have an interview with Retired Santa Clara County District Attorney George Kennedy as he recalls many concerning and disturbing elements about this case.

BONUS: Listen to the recorded interview with Sonya Paz and Retired Detective Sergeant Monte Macer of his accounts of transporting Pearson back to California and concerns he had for many years regarding this case.

More questions answered in this episode!

“There was a big illogical piece in his narration, and then he fumbled and realized it… he then appear to just want to get the trial over with”… said Former District Attorney, George Kennedy about Pearson at the trial.

Pearson court case files and court witness testimonies.
Exclusive Audio interview with Retired DA George Kennedy and Sonya Paz.
Exclusive Audio Interview with Retired Detective Sergeant Monte Macer and Sonya Paz

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