S1 E14: Casefiles, Gravestones & Memorials

Investigated Podcast - EP14 Obituaries & Memorials

We are at our Season 1 finale of this multi series podcast that tells the wild and tragic tale of three families that were destroyed by James Arthur Pearson. The trail of devastation he had left after he murdered his wife Pauline and two daughters, Paula and Marianne Pearson in Santa Clara in 1969.

This was a time in these women’s lives where they were getting ready to shine in their future and this was abruptly yanked away from them by their father who snapped, and brutally murdered all three women and buried them under the home. They weren’t found until 4 and a half years later. While he was on the run he was living his best life and with no remorse, continuing his chaos and ultimately creating more destruction to two other families and running from people he embezzled money from. This case involves murder, child abduction, embezzlement, lies, theft, identity theft and so much more.

Sonya interviews Arlene Ruesch’s daughter Vickie who has a few things to share about the case and her recollections of when Pearson was in Cedar City, Utah and became part of their family for a short while.

“He left a trail of damage and pain in his wake with every move that he made, and all of the lies and deceit and theft, everywhere went with him. It was just never ending and of course and the very worst of it was the tragic and inexcusable brutal murders of his first wife and his two daughters.”
“The kidnapping of an innocent 11 month old baby… and then the kidnapping again of this same innocent 7 year old boy, leaving a devastated mother behind “… Three families destroyed by one completely evil horrible person…”

~ Excerpt from episode from Arlene Ruesch’s Daughter, Vickie

We are excited to share a passion project that Sonya has been working on to remember the Pearson Women so that they will not be forgotten and will keep their memory alive forever. Sonya has written an obituary that is published in the San Jose Mercury News and published on Mothers Day, May 12, 2024. The women never had an obituary published locally or their own gravestone at the St. Josephs Cemetery in Natrona Heights, PA.
We have created a fundraiser to have a headstone dedicated to them which will include all three of their names. Below is a sample design of what we have in mind. You can donate through out GoFundMe to be part of the cost of this for them. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

Let's celebrate the Pearson women to have their own gravestone! GoFundMe link here!
Let's celebrate the Pearson women to have their own gravestone! GoFundMe link here!

Many people are starting to remember the Pearson women and are reaching out to us, please send us a note via our contact form if you remember them from the Seattle WA, Pendleton OR, Salem OR, Santa Clara CA, Cupertino CA and beyond.

If you are new to listening to our podcast, thank you so much, we are happy you are here!
It’s best to start out podcast from “Episode 1 – More than a Feeling” because you will better understand the details in a chronological order and will be easier to understand the concept of this very complex and abstract story. Perfect for binge listening for sure! Thanks for listening!

We are giving a shoutout to my son Andrew who provided a lovey acoustic guitar tribute for this weeks episode, thanks so much to Andrew!

California Slay Victims Buried Here
Article written on April 25, 1974. Valley News Dispatch, Natrona Heights, PA.

Obituary in Natrona Heights, PA:
“Mrs. Pearson, Daughters are Buried”
Obituary written on April 25, 1974. Valley News Dispatch, Natrona Heights, PA.

True Detective Magazine – March 1980 Edition
Written by Austin Allen
“Bag of Bones Murder Case”
Visit True Crime Database for history of the magazine

Front Page Detective Magazine – July 1974 Edition
Written by Coburn Gale
“Jim’s New Life Started as a Massacre”
Visit True Crime Database for history of this publication

“Hitch a Ride” by Boston
Official Music Video – Audio

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