S1 E13: Recollections

Investigated Podcast - EP13 Recollections

We have gathered up many questions, feedback and inquiries from our listeners and will be providing a lot of shout outs and reflecting on many aspect of this case, some new updates and learn more about Paula Pearson, her achievements and academics.

Sonya and Marek share some behind the scene moments and share a bit of the details and surprises of our upcoming Episode 14 and an announcement of a passion project that Sonya is working on where you can be part of this upcoming project!

Many people are starting to remember the Pearson women and are reaching out to us, please send us a note via our contact form if you remember them from the Seattle WA, Pendleton OR, Salem OR, Santa Clara CA, Cupertino CA and beyond.

If you are new to listening to our podcast, thank you so much, we are happy you are here!
It’s best to start out podcast from “Episode 1 – More than a Feeling” because you will better understand the details in a chronological order and will be easier to understand the concept of this very complex and abstract story. Thanks for listening!

“I really just wanted to know where the details of the poster came from the FBI…I did reach out and got a phone call back from one of the media liaisons at the Federal Bureau of Investigations and my question was where did they get these fingerprints from and where would they have gotten Pearson’s photo “

~ Excerpt from episode from Sonya Paz

Now, Late Reporter is Forever with Bay
Article written by Scott Herhold, July 3, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Emil Edgren- Photographer:
Official website: http://www.emiledgren.com

Emils Book: 3:01PM Pacific Wartime

Investigated Podcast - Pearson Selling Farmers Insurance

This is the Farmers Insurance Advertisement that spoke about in EP13. this was Introducing “Jim Pearson” as their new office agent. Date and source of this ad is unknown, it’s estimated the date was approximately. 1950.

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