S1 E12: Once Upon an Annihilator

Investigated Podcast - EP12 Once Upon an Annihilator

What do you get when you have a true crime podcaster as a guest on our show? You get a fabulous in-depth discussion with Esther Ludlow of the podcast “Once Upon a Crime”!

Sonya interviews friend and fellow podcaster Esther Ludlow, who launched her podcast “Once Upon a Crime” in 2016. Her love for storytelling, combined with her interest in true crime and her background in psychology, has made her podcast a favorite among true crime fans eager to discover “the story behind the story of real-life crime.”

We also address the behaviors and disturbing revelations of what the traits are of a “Family Annihilator” and the evil pattern that Pearson kept replicating while on the run for murder and more.
We have more listener inquiries and discovering more and more about the Pearson family.

“Very interesting case, very complex perpetrator you have here, I do believe there was premeditation, I don’t think he thought he was going to do it that day… then he said, OK now this is what I’ve got to do, and he knew what he was going to do”

~ Excerpt from interview with Podcaster, Esther Ludlow

IN PERSON INTERVIEW: Sonya Paz Interviews True Crime Podcast Host and Creator, Esther Ludlow

About Esther:
Esther writes, produces, and edits OUAP podcast as a solo venture. She has produced over 300 episodes with over 35 million downloads to date. Once Upon a Crime has been featured in The San Jose Mercury News, Entertainment Weekly, Vulture.com, Uproxx.com,Women’s Health, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

You can find all Once Upon a Crime’s social media links and listen to subscribe to the podcast at www.truecrimepodcast.com

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