S1 E11: Wake of Devastation

Investigated Podcast - EP11 Wake of Devastation

Behavioral aspects are the topics to this abstract case and what we have all wondered about when it comes to James Arthur Pearson. What makes a person tick so that can kill his wife and two daughters and then go on to reinvent himself multiple times thereafter?

Sonya interviews Clark Williams, a retired social worker who has turned his skills and experiences into a successful career as a criminologist and amateur sleuth. Dedicated to delivering justice to the friends and family of crime victims, he applies a victim-centered approach to his work.

We discuss a listener connection and learn experiences from someone who were friends of Marianne and Paula when they lived in Salem, Oregon, remembering happier times growing up in Oregon.
How they viewed Mr. Pearson, his demeanor and attitude.

“Nowhere in this story has he done anything remorseful, even after he got caught, he did nothing to help David get reunited with his biological mother”.

“It’s Cruel!”

He articulated words of remorse – he only said what he felt would help him get paroled.”
~ Excerpt from interview with criminologist Clark Williams

IN PERSON INTERVIEW: Sonya Paz Interviews Criminologist Clark Williams

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