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Local Artist Investigates to Tell The Story of a Friend in 1969 Santa Clara Murder

February 27, 2024; Santa Clara, Calif. What do you get when you combine a local bay area true crime case and the passionate energy of Santa Clara based artist?
You get artist, Sonya Paz who at the age of eight years old lost touch of her dear childhood friend In 1969. The small quaint Santa Clara neighborhood was perplexed when a local family just up and vanished…disappearing into thin air.

Fast forward to 4 1/2 years later, the Santa Clara Police Department was notified of three bodies were found under house by a termite inspector. After decades of wondering what happened to Paz’s childhood friend, it all became a evident of what happened to this family.

After decades of putting everything into a concise perspective, Paz has taken years to research and create a chronological roadmap about this case that’s never been told like this, through her new podcast appropriately titled “Investigated”.  Paz and her Private Investigator co-host Marek Kasprzyk are providing details that will keep you gripped to the edge of your seat. Between the two, they detail the chronicles of the murder of her childhood friends, Marianne, her sister Paula, and their mother Pauline who were murdered at the hands of the father, James Arthur Pearson.

Paz, is telling the story from her perspective and on behalf of the victims. “I feel that they never have a voice throughout this and I want to keep their memory alive” Paz says.
Based on real life interviews with the actual detectives who led the case, along with key witnesses who testified. This story is not your average neighborhood homicide, there are many twists and turns to the story including interstate flight, child abduction, embezzlement and more that ultimately led to the apprehension of James Arthur Pearson.

This was not an easy feat. “I was glad to hear from Sonya and that she was investing time to tell this story after many years” said Retired Santa Clara Police Detective Monte “Rex” Macer “I was one of the detectives on this case in 1978 and went to Mississippi to bring Pearson back to California after he was identified by a post office patron who saw his face on a FBI poster”.
Along with her hundreds of hours of research, Paz connected with the The Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society and was able to work with researcher Many Boyle to locate articles that helped fill in the time gaps.  “I am grateful to have had so much support during this research process, everyone has been amazing to assist in preserving these memories of my friends” said Paz.

“Investigated” podcast launched on February 15 and is bringing back memories to waves of locals and true crime enthusiasts everywhere. Episodes releasing each Thursday.
If you love Santa Clara history and true crime, this is a must listen.

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