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Sonya Paz

Artist, Journalist and Investigative Researcher

Sonya Paz is an artist and business owner who’s built a successful career in spite of being haunted for decades by an unspeakable crime that devastated her close-knit community.
A childhood interrupted. A family, vanished. How far would you go to investigate the girl next door’s murder?

Artist turned investigated researcher and chronicling the timeline of what happened and why. Frustrated at the lack of closure for the victims on this strange and abstract case, she was convinced there’s more to the story than she’s been told, Sonya sets out on a mission to finally find justice and closure for her childhood friend and tell the story of the pursuit and apprehension of James Arthur Pearson.

With the help of seasoned investigator Co-Host, Marek Kasprzyk, Sonya unearths never-before-heard eyewitness testimony, interviews, court case records, and even evidence that her own family member may have been next on the killer’s list.
This story and many more will be featured on “Investigated Podcast”.

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Sonya Paz - Investigated Podcast

Marek Kasprzyk

Investigator & Mitigation Specialist

Marek has been involved in criminal defense work for over 40 years in defense and civil work. Working for the Seattle/King County Public Defenders office for 11 years, he provided investigation on over 5000 cases.

Marek investigated included a serial murder case in which his investigation led to the non-filing of the death penalty. Marek has worked on many death penalty cases as a mitigation specialist, in which his work and the work of others, kept various counties from seeking the death penalty on the clients.

Marek’s philosophy as a criminal defense investigator is, that no matter what type of case a client has, you must have a team approach to have the best defense. With case managers, paralegals, investigators and attorneys on your side, what more could you ask for in a defense team. Having a complete defense team will undoubtedly get you the best defense and result.

Now partnering with Sonya Paz to tell the investigative side of some of the most publicized high profile cases, he is the co-host of Investigated Podcast. Stay tuned for new episodes.

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Marek Kasprzyk - Investigated Podcast


CLARK WILLIAMS – Criminologist
Clark has been a great consultant in regards to the Pearson Family Murders case. Spending several hours assisting Sonya to uncover many historical aspects to the case and thinking outside the box on theories.

As a social worker and nonprofit executive for many years, Clark has turned his skills and experiences into a successful career as a criminologist and amateur sleuth. Dedicated to delivering justice to the friends and family of crime victims, he applies a victim-centered approach to his work.
In February, 2022, he was credited with solving a 32 year cold case murder and currently working on four cases for multiple law enforcement agencies. Clark also presents to colleges and universities regarding his work and lead discussions on best practices for others interested in becoming amateur sleuths.


Alison Betts Goldman – Writer and Creative Executive
Alison has been the encouragement that Sonya needed to make the “Investigated” podcast a reality. Working as a writer and a creative executive for many media companies and platforms, she provided structure to have the Pearson story become “more than just a episode”.

Having known Alison for over 35 years, Sonya knew that Alison was the right person to connect with for the development of the podcast.
Alison’s sharp wit and professionalism is energetic and she is also a podcast junkie and a trivia maven as she continues to express herself with pursuing exciting adventures.

As of April 11-17, 2024, Alison was been a loved and admired contestant on “Jeopardy” and has become a show favorite to all Jeopardy fans and viewers!

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