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Investigated Podcast

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We delve into this crime case with a different perspective…
and it’s personal.

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The Pearson Family Murders

Season 1 of “Investigated” is a multi series podcast that tells the wild and tragic tale of three families that were destroyed by James Arthur Pearson. The trail of devastation he had left after he murdered his wife Pauline and two daughters, Paula and Marianne Pearson in Santa Clara in 1969, told by the childhood friend who lived it, Sonya Paz.

This was a time in these women’s lives where they were getting ready to shine in their future and this was abruptly yanked away from them by their father who snapped, brutally murdered all three women and buried them under the home. They weren’t found until four and a half years later.
While he was on the run he was living his best life and with no remorse, continuing his chaos and ultimately creating more destruction to two other families and running from the law and reinventing himself. Your hosts,
Sonya & Marek tell this story after 50 years of not knowing the true facts of this case that involves murder, child abduction, embezzlement, lies, theft, identity theft and so much more.

Investigated Podcast - James Arthur Pearson: Guilty of Murder

Your Hosts of Investigated

Join Sonya Paz and Marek Kasprzyk, your hosts of this podcast: “Investigated”.
They will delve into some of the most interesting true crime cases starting off with the investigation and detailed case of the notorious James Arthur Pearson, a man who killed his wife and two daughters… told by the childhood friend of these victims, your host; Sonya Paz.

This story is told through a 14 episode series that includes all details of Pearson’s horrific crimes with fascinating interviews of the law enforcement involved in the case, the prosecutor, the main witness, the termite inspector who found the bodies, individuals who escaped Pearson, child abduction, embezzlement and more.

Let's celebrate the Pearson women to have their own gravestone! GoFundMe link here!

Pauline, Paula and Marianne Pearson

Obituary, San Jose Mercury News – May 12, 2024

Sonya and Marek felt this obituary was long overdue, and its timing is actually quite serendipitous. We are coming to the conclusion of this multi episode story and this obituary is being released on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2024.
The other special thing to note is that Marianne’s birthday is May 14 and she would’ve been 70 years on this day.

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