Investigated Podcast
A new podcast for 2024!

Investigated Podcast

Just when you thought you heard everything…

Investigated Podcast

Season 1 – Now Playing

A new podcast that delves into crime cases with a different perspective…
and it’s personal.

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Investigated Podcast – Listen NOW!

Fine artist and investigative researcher, Sonya Paz has been close to the stories that have rocked the community and baffled law enforcement. She will share her personal experiences up close and personal with accounts of what really happened… and why.

Seasoned investigator, Marek Kasprzyk has been involved in criminal defense work for over 40 years.  Working with defense and civil work providing investigations on over 5000 cases, offering these stories with unique facts and perspective.

Investigated Podcast

Season 1 – Now Playing!

Join Sonya Paz and Marek Kasprzyk, your hosts of a new podcast: “Investigated”.
They will delve into some of the most interesting true crime cases starting off with the investigation and case of the notorious James Arthur Pearson, a man who killed his family… told by the friend of these victims, Sonya Paz.

Listen now to our episodes of “Investigated”.

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